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The New Year is here, and many homeowners are itching to get decorating with the latest trends in colour and design. Whether you update regularly, or are simply looking for a change, choosing the latest trends helps to keep your home looking fresh and new. Additionally, instead of going with past trends, a current trend will last for many years, so you don’t have to worry about redecorating again for a while. So what are this year’s hottest home décor trends?

Comfy Seats

Gone are those hard, utilitarian seating sets from yesteryear – this year it’s all about comfort. Down and high-density foam cushions are a definite favourite, while allergy  sufferers no longer have to sacrifice their home’s looks and comfort as new cushions and seating in down or feather are double-wrapped to prevent sniffling.

Mix it Up

Mixing wood with other materials is popular this year, and there seems to be a trend towards the warmer woods, including walnut. Time for some new hardwood floors, perhaps? Meanwhile, we can all rejoice that being environmental is now “chic” – and dress our woods with some lovely eco-friendly stains.

Cool Colours

Winter tones are certainly in this year, including indigo and white tones from a warmer vanilla to a cool grey. Those with colourful personalities can add in some turquoise for a splash of zest, or can choose a mono-tone theme where their favourite tone commands attention.

Low Backs

Gone are the day where towering high-back chairs and sofas ruled, today it’s all about being sleek and streamlined. Long, low-backed sofas in grey and white make a subtle statement while providing plenty of seating space for guests. Meanwhile, your dining room table can be converted from a stuffy affair to a more fun and casual place by replacing your high-backs with some comfortable mid or low-back seating.

Light it Up

What’s the point of having a beautiful home if no one can see it? Bring in some tall floor lamps for your living areas and bask in the glow. Textured shades add some interest, and new lamp designs are offered in a range of colours to complement any décor.

Natural & High Tech

For those who prefer natural materials can rejoice in lovely stone, granite, and glass materials. Meanwhile, eco-friendly man-made materials are also highlighted this year, with Corian-type and recycled component materials for tables and counters. Regardless of whether you choose natural or manufactured, you will have a terrific range of colours and textures to choose from, and these long-wearing materials are a great investment in your home.

Before you complete your look, consider changing paint colours as well. There are a wide range of “hot” paint colours for 2011, from neons to pastels, than can refresh the look of your home without costing you a mint.

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